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Tobin Hill

Tobin Hill, which lies Tobin Hill, to the northwest of the city’s center. Tobin Hill is among San Antonio’s most inner neighborhoods that lie just north of I-35 and between Huisache towards the north and Highway 281 towards the east, and San Pedro Avenue to the west. This region was between the San Antonio River and San Pedro Springs and was fertile agricultural land in Spanish times. The early San Antonio settlers dug irrigation ditches, or acequias, to facilitate the water crops. The largest acequia, the Upper Labor, was completed in 1777 and situated on the southern border of Tobin Hill. It was located on the west bank of the San Antonio River headwaters and continued through the Rock Quarry Road before it crossed Tobin Hill and merged with the San Pedro Ditch near Laurel Street and Interstate 35. The land bordering the acequia was divided by lottery, and the northern portion of the area was carved out in the second half of 1777. Due to its significance as land for agriculture, there was no significant development within the area for the following 100 years.

Public transport is available in San Antonio, which played a significant role at the beginning of neighborhood development, starting in 1878, with a streetcar route from Main Plaza north to San Pedro Park. Colonel Augustus Belknap owned the system consisting of mule-drawn automobiles, and a mule barn was situated at the current location that is now San Antonio College. Electric trolleys, for the first time, came into existence in 1890 and included cars being installed in the place of the barn for mules. In 1919, the eastern section of Tobin Hill, connected to the Pearl Brewery, was served by a streetcar, which ran from Dallas St. to King’s Court within the vicinity of Brackenridge Park. A1 Water & Mold Removal San Antonio

Nearby Places

San Antonio Museum of Art

The museum travels across the globe through five thousand years of art in an array of buildings that once housed The Lone Star Brewery. SAMA is known for having the most extensive and comprehensive Greek, Roman, and Egyptian art collection in the south of the United States.

Address: 200 W Jones Ave, San Antonio, Texas

Gustav’s Geysers

A favorite splash pad for kids, located next to the turf, are chairs and shade umbrellas.

Address: 99 Karnes St, San Antonio, TX

Brackenridge Park Golf Course

Brackenridge Park Golf Course lies in the middle of the Alamo City Golf Trail. The course is located northwest of the city center of San Antonio; this course is open to locals and tourists alike. The 2008 renovation of “Old Brack” re-routed the course to A.W. Tillinghast’s (1916) original layout. It revamped its conditions so that it could be competitive with San Antonio’s top golf courses.

Address: 2315 Avenue B, San Antonio, TX

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