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Bathroom Mold

At some given point, there is a high chance of a mold encounter in a bathroom. It could be a publically shared bathroom, a dorm bathroom, or a single-occupant bathroom in one of the nicest, most organized homes in the neighborhood. That’s because bathrooms create the perfect breeding and growing grounds for the fungus. So, what is one to do when they pull back their shower curtain and spot a ring of mold on the toilet tank or a corner of the drywall covered with the substance?

If everything you’ve been led to believe is true that mold is dangerous and needs to be dealt with immediately. Not only does this growth hold potentially dangerous health properties, but it is extremely visually unappealing and might even start to smell. Luckily, we are here to provide the answers you seek. As your local friendly mold specialist, you can put your mold concerns in our hands and not give them another thought.

Why Mold And Bathrooms Go Hand-In-Hand?

Despite what little you might know about mold, you’ve probably heard time and time again that bathrooms create the perfect breeding grounds for mold. What exactly is this? Mold is nothing more than an average fungus like a typical mushroom or yeast. It is even a big component of penicillin, but that is another story entirely.

The simple truth of the matter is that mold doesn’t require that much to grow and throw. Any dark damp area creates ideal breeding and growing ground for mold. Can you think of one room in the home that provides these conditions in abundance? The laundry room or bathroom might be a close second but think of all the daily moisture and condensation created in the bathroom. High humidity, standing water, and poor ventilation are also big contributors to mold.

Bathroom Mold And Health Concerns

Wherever you look, you are always going to hear that mold is highly dangerous. Daily constant exposure creates all kinds of potential health hazards as well as structural and foundation potentials in the right growth areas. You’ll constantly hear this spouted because it is true. However, there is a very fine line here.

Mold doesn’t honestly pose any health concerns until it is airborne. That being said, there are always small, tiny spores floating around in the air. They usually don’t land and grow in an area until they find a nice cool dark spot. Once these spores find a suitable surface, they’ll land, grow, and attract other airborne spores. The good thing here is that once those spores are grounded and growing, you no longer have to worry about them being in the air. It usually isn’t until the growth is disturbed that they start re-releasing spores into the air again.

Even if this growth isn’t releasing spores into the air, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t unsightly, won’t start to smell foul, or become structurally dangerous. Once you attempt to clean or remove the mold, it will start releasing spores into the air. That’s why you’ll hear some people say that it is best to leave some growths in place and not even mess with them. Mold growth will always be a bigger health concern for people with immune deficiencies as well as the older and younger.

Mold And Health Concerns

It will be nearly impossible to prevent your bathroom from creating ideal growing conditions for mold. You can always properly ventilate, control the humidity, and dry excess moisture after showers, but it will be impossible to prevent this room from creating such thriving conditions. Therefore, there will always be a constant worry of mold and exposure.

That said, not all mold is dangerous and the spores that you are exposed to daily are usually only available in such trace amounts that they aren’t considered threatening. Now, that might not be true for individuals with overly sensitive systems or immune disorders. If you start to experience symptoms, you’ll want to get a professional involved immediately.

Trying to remove mold yourself only creates more potentially dangerous situations. As was stated, once the mold lands on a surface and starts to grow and reproduce, it generally lays dormant. It isn’t until that growth is disturbed that starts releasing potentially dangerous spores back into the air.

Why Turn To The Experts?

To most people, it probably seems a bit drastic to call a mold specialist to remove a single small growth in the bathroom. Unfortunately, this is not the case at all. When it comes to mold growth, there is no overindulgence in precaution. Simply trying to test the growth or scrub it away could exacerbate health concerns. When you turn to our services, we not only provide free in-home quotes and consultations, but we’ll deal with mold growth in the safest ways possible.

If it requires us to build tents around the growth to prevent the release of spores this is something we’ll do. All our work is back with guarantees and a stellar reputation. Give us a call today to learn more!

Contact us today to learn more about our bathroom mold restoration. We offer free written quotes to all members of our community. We honor our written quotes for several weeks to give the client enough time to conduct a price comparison.

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