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Mold & Property Values


How could a potential homebuyer overlook something like mold? Mold is known to be extremely toxic and in the worst cases can affect the structural integrity of a building. How could someone even attempt to pass a home on the market with mold? Well, it’s honestly all about perception.


Yes, mold is dangerous. Yes, it is unsightly! And in the worst-case scenarios, mold can be deathly. However, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a deal breaker. Would you be surprised to learn that your current residence is probably filled with mold and mold spores? You just don’t see them. Learn the truth about mold!


Disclosing Mold Before A Closing


Every state has its own laws and regulations about exposing mold before the closing of a property. That said, any smart homebuyer will likely have an inspector survey that property. In this time he will surely uncover the presence if there is any. Generally, if a seller is aware of mold they should disclose that information to the buyer.


Although it would be hard to prove after the fact, it is possible for lawsuits involving the awareness of mold growth. If a seller knows his property is infested with mold and does not reveal it before the sale, the buyer can later sue after discovering the growth.


This is even true after the purchase has gone through and all the papers have been signed and transferred over. That said, it would take some effort for the buyer to prove that the previous owner knew, unless there was some kind of service report from a previous mold inspection.


Simply put, if you are selling a property and know it has mold, you’ll want to disclose it, but learn to do so in a way that does make it a deal breaker. When people know the truth about mold, they’ll understand that it isn’t as all bad and worrisome as they’ve been led to believe. In any case, our professionals are trained and equipped to handle any type of growth in the safest and most efficient ways possible.


Homeowners Insurance And Mold


You don’t need to be a realtor or insurance guru to understand that the presence of mold is going to bring down your home value. Sure, mold is bad, and the very presence of it doesn’t always indicate major concerns, but just because it is there it will bring down your property value.

If you’ve been paying for homeowners insurance all the years and still maintain a policy, you are in luck.


This is exactly why you’ve maintained your policy over the years, so why not use it? In fact, if you do not disclose the growth to your insurance company it can create potentially future legal problems.


It is essential for any homeowner to always keep their insurance company apprised of the property they are insuring. You’d report a car accident, right?


The Reduction Of Mold


The truth of the matter is that any bathroom creates the perfect breeding grounds for mold. Basements, closets, and crawlspaces are much of the same. They are dark, dank, and damp. These are the exact conditions that mold loves and will thrive in.


The best and only way to battle such conditions in these areas is to keep them clean, dry, organized, ventilated, and maintained at ideal humidity levels. Install plastic barriers in crawlspaces, always run exhaust ventilation when showering, and bring in external dehumidifiers or humidifiers if absolutely necessary.


All this along with regular visual inspections will help keep mold growth at bay.


My Dream Home Is Infested With Mold


Finding your dream home is not the easiest thing in the world, despite what some might lead you to believe. For those of us that can’t design our homes from the ground up, there will always be sacrificing and compromising. However, when you do find that one home within your budget that tickles your fancy, you’ll want to do everything possible to secure it.


What if you find that home and discover it’s infested with mold? Well, how bad is that mold? Do you know if the mold is even currently dangerous? It might only be a visual problem as of right now. Whatever the situation, this is where you have to call on the pros.


Our locally, highly equipped, and trained team of mold specialists always are near at hand. Whether it is after-hours, on a holiday, or during the closing, you can give us a call and we’ll get someone out to the property. Most dormant mold isn’t a problem because it isn’t currently releasing spores. It usually isn’t until someone tries to remove that mold that it starts releasing harmful spores into the atmosphere.


This is what we are equipped and trained to handle!


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