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How To Get Mold Off Your Carpet

It doesn’t take long for a small potentially dangerous situation to turn into a completely lethal scenario. This is especially true when it comes to mold, mold spores, and mold growth. A newly leaky pipe, pet urination, high humidity levels, or even a spilled glass of water can incite mold growth if not handled efficiently and properly.

Within just a matter of mere days, you could be facing musty odors and fungal growths that exacerbate allergies, and respiratory illnesses. Why let this happen when it can be simply avoided? Maybe you weren’t aware of what was going on or maybe you just didn’t know the true danger of what you were doing. Either way now is the time to get informed!

Carpet Mold

Carpet can be a fickle mistress. It is nice and cushy but requires constant tending and maintenance. One would almost be better off with hardwood or vinyl. However, if you learn to properly and efficiently care for your carpet, you’ll not only enjoy it more but you’ll greatly limit the possibilities of future problems as well as maintenance requirements.

If you are already looking at mold-infested carpets, you are already behind schedule. Fortunately, you can begin treatment on your own with the right approach and information. The right approach would be to start and treat in small sections. A 5′ by 5′ would be the most advisable.

If your mold growth has already outgrown these measurements, you might as well just go ahead and call in the pros because you likely have a disastrous scenario on your hands. Subflooring, padding, and carpet might need to be ripped out and replaced entirely. Remember, mold is a living organism and like all living things, it will grow. And in the right environment, it will do so rapidly.

Moldy Carpet Removal

The market is flush with mold removal products these days. There’s a huge industry for this kind of thing and some of them are even effective. This would be the case with smaller growths anyways. Baking soda and other home remedies might even do the trick as long as the growth hasn’t spread and penetrated beyond belief.

Spraying baking soda or white vinegar on smaller patches, letting it set overnight, and cleaning it the following morning is one of the more effective ways to deal with mold. When finished make sure the area is completely dry and free of mold. A good HEPA vacuum is always a great option for filtering the spores out of the atmosphere.

There is also always the option of turning to the pros. Our teams will not only effectively and safely remove mold growths from your home, but we’ll do so with the most environmentally-friendly products and methods.

Prevention Is Key

When it comes to mold on carpets, prevention is always best. Of course, it might not always seem possible, but if approached in small stages, you’ll make the entire task much more accomplishable. Think of it as tackling any tremendous task. It’s always best to start and work in small tactical ways. Here are some things to consider:

  • Never place potted plants directly on the carpet. Use some kind of dish or tray, especially after watering
  • Firewood should also be avoided. Get yourself some type of appropriate storage bin
  • Keep a close eye on your pet’s bathroom habits. Consider sprays or powders that’ll soak up urine. Even the best-housetrained pets will frequently have accidents
  • Apply the same approach to all liquid spills
  • A dehumidifier can make a world of difference for unbalanced humidity levels
  • Create a shoe cleaning and storage area outside the door or directly inside so visitors can remove or clean wet and muddy shoes before walking on your carpet
  • Be ever so diligent about regular carpet cleanings

Get To Know The Mold Professionals

There are tons of local mold removal and restoration companies. You do not want to wait until you are facing a nightmare scenario before having one in mind. Choosing a good company ahead of time in the event of future problems will allow you to more thoroughly research that company, its methods, and previous jobs.

We are an open book and more than willing to impart all our mold knowledge. Whether you need a safe removal, just have a few questions, or are looking for preventive techniques, we can offer what you seek. With free quotes and in-home consultations, it just takes a phone to get us out to the property!

Call today to request a free home inspection, which also includes a written quote.

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