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The Hard Facts About Commercial Water Damage

  For any business owner, his building is without a doubt his biggest asset. Sure, there are employees and products to consider, but without a place of business for everyone to congregate, you wouldn’t even have a business. More often than not, the building is also one of the biggest expenses. As hard as it … Read more

How To Handle Sewage Backup In Your Basement

Owning a home with a basement can afford many great benefits and uses. Such areas not only can be used for massive storage but can be converted and transformed into livable spaces. Need to supplement your income? There is no better way than taking on a tenant. Maybe you want a place where you can … Read more

Basement Mold Prevention And Removal Tips

Mold is the first sign of a moisture or water problem. A basement is already exposed to humidity because it is partially or fully surrounded by soil. The moisture from the soil seeps through tiny crevices in the concrete blocks and mortar joints. Keeping moister out of basements is a continuous and sometimes inevitable process. … Read more

Preventing Mold After Water Damage

You never know when you’re going to experience a house fire or flood. Once this happens, you’ll have to worry about mold developing in your water. Unfortunately, water damage will eventually lead to the development of mold if you don’t do something about it. A flood will send water rushing into your home causing the … Read more

Preventing And Getting Rid Of Mold In A Garage

Your garage is an important room. You use it for storage for your cars and other items. Therefore, you need to make sure that your garage is properly cared for. If you don’t, there is a risk that your garage is going to develop mildew. Once this happens, your items are likely going to be … Read more

Laundry Room Mold Test

Laundry rooms are notorious for high humidity, which is one of the top culprits of mold growth. A washer utilizes cold, warm, and hot water to clean clothes, drapes, bed linen, and other fabrics. Warm and hot water generates steam that can lead to excess humidity in laundry rooms. This is not to mention the … Read more

Chimney Safety 101

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in front of a roaring fireplace on a cold winter eve, taking in the beautiful aromatic aromas of aged oak or maple. That soothing crackle and occasional pop can deliver in the most satisfying ways. You can just picture the sitting, but not imagine a hot intense flame … Read more

DIY Dangers: Dealing With A Flooded Basement

Floods, fires, and leaks can cause your basement to become flooded. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not properly prepare for these problems. There is a good chance that you haven’t. Therefore, you’ll have to work swiftly to resolve this issue before it worsens. You must remove the water from your basement rapidly so you don’t have … Read more