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San Fernando Cathedral

San Fernando Cathedral has always been in the heart of San Antonio. It is an exceptional spot that is in a distinct place in this city, as well for the numerous people who visit the cathedral in large numbers each year. San Fernando Cathedral was founded on the 9th of March 1731 by a group of fifteen families in the Canary Islands at the invitation of King Phillip V of Spain and is the longest-running, continually operating religious institution located in Texas. The state of Texas. The church was designed to be at the heart of the activities of this city. The Cathedral structure has the privilege of being the longest-standing church structure in Texas. For the entirety of its 281 years, it has been serving the residents of the Archdiocese as well as San Antonio.

For nearly 100 years, San Fernando served as the main church for all the religions in San Antonio. The Catholic Church was the only accepted religion by San Antonio’s Spanish and Mexican governments before Texas, the state’s independence. San Fernando has become more than just a geographical center; it is now a civic, cultural, ecumenical, and service center that promotes harmony and unity for all the God-loving inhabitants of San Antonio and beyond. San Fernando serves as a refuge for the poor who seek assistance and believe their demands will be addressed. Since San Fernando was the very first city church, San Fernando has had a long tradition of responding to the needs of people within and around the church.

The Venues at San Fernando

Hello and welcome to The Venues in San Fernando Cathedral, enchanting venues set in a beautiful setting in the middle of the city center of San Antonio. Explore the media and experience an atmosphere of colonial charm surrounded by history, creating an unforgettable, enjoyable event. A1 Water & Mold Removal San Antonio

The cost of renting the venue includes the following:

  • The event is valid for 7 hours (the event must be completed by midnight)
  • Tables and chairs are used (set-up and take-down)
  • Clean up (after the vendors have taken down)
  • The event manager is on-site throughout the length of the event

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